Random Walks is my meanderings through science and other far-flung places.

I‘m the author of Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality. Published in the UK by Icon Books, it was in 2009 shortlisted for the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction and longlisted for the Royal Society Science Book Prize. Published in the USA by Norton it has also been translated into a number of different languages including German, Italian, French and Dutch. I have degrees in physics and philosophy.

I’ve also co-wrote the book Science and the Retreat from Reason that introduced key areas of modern science while defending notions of social progress and scientific advance. Published in 1995, it was critically acclaimed as a ‘corrective to the hype’, ‘thought-provoking’, and ‘undoubtedly one of the best introductions one can find to the crisis of confidence within science itself’.

I’ve written and reviewed for various publications including the Guardian, Independent, Times, Financial Times and Daily Telegraph


3 Comments on “About”

  1. amanatal says:

    are you the manjit kumar who wrote the book quantum

  2. Fabio says:

    your book is beautiful,i’m searching for the italian version of the retreat from reason,cause i noticed it is only in english do you know if someone will translate it???

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